Apollonia Saintclair

Ink is my blood. I draw for my own sake and for your pleasure.
A long-time resident of the Old World, I split my time between the kitchen and my studio.

All rights reserved

email: apollonia.saintclair@gmail.com

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Apollonia Saintclair 475 - 20140418 La tache blanche (The white spot)
Apollonia Saintclair 474 - 20140415 La tache noire (The black spot)
Photocredit: unknown
Apollonia Saintclair 473 - 20140407 La partie solitaire (The ballpit games II)
Apollonia Saintclair 472 - 20140401 L’heure du repas (Feeding time)
20140329_asc 471_L’ex-libris d’O (The target)

Commission for a book collector
Apollonia Saintclair 470 - 20140326 Les jeux interdits (Games allowed in the store after closing time)
Apollonia Saintclair 469 - 20140324 Le réflexe de succion (The sucking reflex)
Apollonia Saintclair 468 - 20140324 L’affirmation (Rihanna’s shoulders)

Commission for a fashion magazine - Alternative version

Photocredits: unknown
Apollonia Saintclair 467 - 20140315 La capture (I want it inside me #4)
Apollonia Saintclair 466 - 20140315 La loi de la Transcendance (The rule of Master Pi)
Apollonia Saintclair 465 - 20140313 Le rideau de pudeur (The modesty curtain)
Apollonia Saintclair 464 - 20140310 L’appel (I want it inside me #3)
Apollonia Saintclair 462 - 20140228 L’ornement (I want it inside me #1)
Apollonia Saintclair 461 - 20140228 La fille du concierge (Troublemaker at The Saint James)
Apollonia Saintclair 460 - 20140224 Les noces sanglantes (The bloody nuptials)

Forbidden Love #3